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Tax & Tech Talks

Tax & Tech Talks explores the evolving intersection of tax and technology. Our array of respected industry hosts dives into each episode as they explore current issues or topics, allowing listeners to gain a deeper understanding and new perspectives in tax and tech. Have a question about an episode? Contact us.

Sep 6, 2021

After an unprecedented tax year and an ever-changing regulatory environment, the challenges of today’s tax teams are more important more than ever. As the effects of the pandemic continues to reverberate well into 2021, resource-constrained tax professionals need to unceasingly adapt to ongoing challenges, like extended deadlines and new ways of working.

In this episode, Thomson Reuters Bianca Kuijper takes us through a “behind-the-scenes” look at the industry’s most trusted and powerful corporate income tax solution. She is joined by our own technology and customer success experts, Alycia Hemingway and Sudha Addepalli as they share best practices and strategies tax professionals can put into place to ensure a smooth tax filling season.

Key topics discussed:

  • How the right technology grows with the needs of customers
  • Technology solutions tax professionals should look for to ensure a smooth filling season
  • How e-filling has impacted tax professionals
  • Tools customers can use to ensure correct tax filling
  • How the right user community can aid tax professionals crowd-source ideas

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