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Tax & Tech Talks

Tax & Tech Talks explores the evolving intersection of tax and technology. Our array of respected industry hosts dives into each episode as they explore current issues or topics, allowing listeners to gain a deeper understanding and new perspectives in tax and tech. Have a question about an episode? Contact us.

Jul 27, 2020

How should corporate tax departments resolve talent acquisition and management challenges?  Listen to Solution Consultant, Juniper Wilder, and host Bianca Kuijper as they discuss strategies to address this difficult and persistent question.  

Episode Notes:

In this episode, the discussion centers around a recently published 2020 Corporate Tax Departments Survey. The report takes a deep look into the current challenges that face corporate tax departments that require a team with both tax and tech skills and what is needed to resolve these challenges.

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Additional Resources: 2020 Corporate Tax Department Survey, Bianca Kuijper’s LinkedIn Page, Juniper Wilder’s LinkedIn Page

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